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July 14 2014



The waiters or waitresses of a fancy restaurant should know proper etiquette. This is because the people they are serving knows about it too. And, it would cause the reputation of the restaurant that a waiter or waitress is working for is he or she does not know how to act properly when serving the guests. If you are looking for a job as a fine dining waiter or waitress, then, you should know the following. 

• You should know the whole concept of fine dining especially in a fancy restaurant. Fine dining means that the quality of food and services excel in any type of dining experience. This goes for the price as well. It is very expensive so that dining experience should very well be worth it.

• You should memorize the whole menu. Memorizing the menu doesn't simply mean knowing the names of the type of food that can be served. It means that you should know exactly what type of food that could be served. This is so that you could recommend dishes to customers.

• You should know that proper hygiene is a must. Proper hygiene is one of the basics of proper food etiquette. And, if you are going to serve guests, you should know to keep your hand sanitized and your hair tidied up.

• You should do your job properly. Properly doing your job means that you should have fulfilled all of your customers' whims. You should have satisfied the guests and have seen them off with smiles on their faces. that is how you know that you've done your job properly.

• You should know how to deal with customers. Customers are always right. That is the rule of every restaurant without the exception of fine dining restaurants. You should know how to deal with both the customer's complaints and requests.

• You should keep track of all the customers. You should know to pay attention to customers. They should not be kept waiting. Offer them beverages or seats, anything that would appease their anger or boredom. And of course, do not interrupt them from their dining.

• You should follow the basic rules of serving. The basics include serving guests in the right order, knowing when to clean up the table and when to offer dessert and of course, handing down the bill. You should know all these and more.http://www.hotel-lesamoyede.com/en/restaurant-morzine/l-atelier-restaurant

June 23 2014

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There’s always something going on in Morzine no matter the weather is. Some of the holiday makers consider the French Alps to be mainly winter destination but the summer months also offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities such as zip-lining and canyoning to museum, restaurants and helicopter rides. Morzine in the warmer months you will discover some thrilling outdoor adventures that take advantage of the beautiful scenery and weather.
Here’s the list of activities:
• Canyoning – it is the stark opposite of relaxing but it is so exhilarating. Drag yourself away from the comfortable chalets in Morzine and take a refreshing plunge into the area's mountain streams and waterfalls. Canyoning will allow you to experience a guaranteed soaking as you abseil down natural water slides and jump into running pools of water. Though not good for very young children, anyone over eight years old can take a dunk in the cool white rapids.

• Rock Climbing – there are some amazing climbs to enjoy without having to travel too far from the chalets. Via Ferrata is a company in Morzine that offers rock climbing with added instruction, security, and guidance. Children as young as eight can take the challenge and climb the sheer face of a mountain.

• White Water Rafting - Thrilling and invigorating jump on a raft and take to the white water of the local River Dranse. The melting snow water rushes down from the mountains creating a strong current through which you can navigate with a group. Take an all day excursion, or a shorter three-hour action packed trip.

• Zip-Lining – zip lining is guaranteed to get your heart racing if nothing else. One of the only zip-lining experiences available in the French Alps is easily accessible from Morzine.

• Dinner Served in your Hotel or Chalet – this is not really an activity as such, but it’s definitely a great experience. If the weather's not enticing you to venture out to a restaurant, or if you're simply too exhausted from a day's adventuring, you can get a gourmet chef from a local restaurant to come to any chalets in Morzine and cook a specially prepared feast. After rock climbing and white water rafting, you deserve a treat so what are you waiting for, spoil you self with such a delicious foods from the restaurants of Morzine.http://www.hotel-lesamoyede.com/en/spa-morzine/spa-samoyede

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May 23 2014



La Samoyede hotel is one of the best 3-star hotels in Morzine. It is a large, charming and well looked after chalet where the level of services and welcome makes your stay an unforgettable experience. It has a fantastic location, the ski schools and hikes are just 5 minutes walk away. You can feel the enjoyment and satisfaction from their four star features as well as good services from the staffs of the establishment.
Four star features of hotel Le Samoyede
1. Hotel – it has elegant, large and very well designed rooms. Hotel staffs provide you good services. Each rooms has its own unique charm and comfortable which have been created by an interior designer. They have different types of rooms that has TV screen and free WIFI:

• Single - 9m² room with free Wi-Fi, equipped with a 90 x 190 cm bed, a bathroom with shower and WC
• Standard - Bed 160 x 200 cm, Bathroom with bath tub, separate WC, balcony or terrace.
• Junior Suite - Bed 160 x 200 cm, Bathroom with bath tub, balcony or terrace.
• Deluxe – King Size Bed 180 x 200 cm or twin beds of 90x200 cm, Bathroom with bath tub or shower with Italian slate from the country of origin, separate WC large balcony.
• Junior Suite+ - Bed 160 x 200 cm, Bed 90 x 200 cm in the small connecting room, Seating area with a sofa convertible into a bed for 1 person, Bathroom with bath tub, separate WC, balcony or terrace.
• Mezzanine - Bed 160 x 200 cm, seating area with a sofa convertible into a bed for 1 person, Bathroom with bath tub, separate WC, balcony.
• Suite - Bed 190 x 200 cm, in the living room area: a sofa and an adjustable armchair, Bathroom in black slate with a large corner Bath, double sinks basins, hairdryer, separate WC.

2. Restaurants – Good for lunch and dinner that offers delicious food and well designed and organized table settings and surroundings. Chef Alexandre Baud-Pachon is the one who in-charged in the kitchen and prepared delicious foods.
3. Bar – enjoy drinking a glass of wine with your friends and family and have good moments.
4. Spa – if you are looking for relaxation, their spa is the best place to relax and feel the cleanliness and suppleness that will revive your body and soul.
Experience the four star features of Hotel Le Samoyede and have unforgettable experience with your friends and family. For inquiries, just visit http://www.hotel-lesamoyede.com/en .

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